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Sales intel that puts you ahead of competition

Not just accounts & contact data, get intent data & engagement signals to get a clear view of high intent accounts in your sales pipeline

Here's how we get you ahead


Identify which accounts have high intent and are actively in-market

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We scan various channels to identify "high-intent" accounts

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Automatically personalize your LinkedIn & display ads

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Why SDRs choose Recotap
for Sales Intelligence

Surface high intent accounts with your ICP

Access 250M+ contacts & account data

Get marketing & sales onto the same page

The right intel you need to close high value accounts

Identify the right accounts (ICP) to target
Craft a personalized experience for each account
Align your sales & marketings teams
Create targeted & relevant content for each account

Need to accelerate an existing deal? We've got you covered

Access to intent data to identify "in market" accounts
Website visitor identification to track new/old accounts
Personalize your messaging to every account
Choose your ABM steps & build your own playbook

Here's what your peers think

The reach is amazing. We reached more than 90% of TAL reached via Recotap

Netcore Cloud

Recotap has some of the deepest customization features I've ever seen in a platform. In addition to these abilities, their team is also incredibly responsive and helpful.

Jacob F

Recotap personalizes content, messaging & the entire funnel

Alex Gailin
Ruum by SAP

Great platform to start the ABM journey, with excellent customer support

Alberto C
Agilyx Group

Recotap helps us personalize campaigns and helps focus on the right target audience leading to higher conversions with AI

Shilpi M
Aspire Systems

Recotap has been simple, effective & a versatile platform for our needs

Siddanth P
B2B Marketer

Fast growing GTM teams are adding new pipeline with Recotap

Take your first step towards better GTM & ABM plays