LinkedIn ABM made better

Marry the power of reach on Linkedin + Hyper targeting & personalization of Recotap

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Recotap ABM is Official Linkedin Partner

We've gone through this rigorous process by Linkedin & understand the platform very deeply

ABM on LinkedIn in simple steps

We've broken down ABM on Linkedin into simple to use steps

100+ B2B marketers made their ABM on Linkedin better with Recotap

Social proof works better than our words, right?

Why Recotap for Linkedin ABM

"Implementing ABM with Recotap was really simple"
- Alex (Recotap customer)

Linkedin ABM at Scale

Whether you need to target 10 or 100's of accounts, we can help you scale

Identify ICP Accounts

Identify the accounts that match your fit criteria on Linkedin

Targeted Not Spray & Pray

No broad targeting. Go after only the accounts that matter to you

Personalize for Each Account

Personalize your content for each account & impress

Better pipeline

Improve the quality of your sales pipeline

Multi-channel marketing: Use targeted advertising to reach their target accounts on Linkedin & beyond at the same time

Aligned Marketing & Sales teams

Better alignment between marketing & sales to improve your overall performance

CRM Integrations

Recotap integrates with all major CRM systems and you need not do any manual steps for updating data

Reporting & Analytics

You'll be able to see reporting at account level & tweak your budgets based on what you see

Join 100's of B2B teams already using Recotap for Linkedin ABM

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