Personalise Your Marketing Campaigns To Your
Key Contacts At Each Account.

Recotap’s AI enabled solution helps you launch Targeted ABM campaigns, at scale.
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Recotap + ABM

Recotap works on the principles of Programmatic ABM that shifts focus from generating Leads by Individuals to treating Individual Accounts as Markets in their own right, in the same ways, Sales approach Selling.

By applying Advanced AI Algorithms such as Predictive/Lookalike Modelling, Behavioural Data Analytics, and using other signals, Recotap can make marketing less resource intensive and still provide coverage across hundreds or even thousands of Identified/Named accounts.

Recotap ABM is the right fit.

The platform that grows with you

2xIncrease in C-level

97%Marketers acheive
higher ROI

3xIncrease in deal
close rate

Why Recotap for ABM?

The B2B marketers ABM arsenal

ABM at scale

Target tens, hundreds, even thousands of Named Accounts and maximise the ROI of your marketing budgets by launching personalised one-to-many, technology-driven (Programmatic) campaigns.


Generate qualified leads faster

Accelerate your conversion rates by positioning your business to the right audience group that is narrow & targeted instead of the traditional spray & pray marketing method.


Bring Marketing & Sales together

Turn Marketing insights into Sales action. Give Sales the context that they require such as Account Intent, behavioural data etc. to maximise the quality of their conversations.


Using Recotap, we were able to effectively personalize videos on both website and mobile apps for all our users. The marketers were able to easily personalize the campaigns and based on the performance, update strategy in real-time. The integration was a breeze and the Recotap team is very knowledgeable.

rumit anand

chief product officer

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