Personalize your
mobile app
push messaging
for every visitor

Delight your customer with right content,
at the right time to drive customer experience,
sales and loyalty.

Craft exceptional customer experience strategies

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Recotap's comprehensive set of tools help you leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to delight each and every customer in a personalized manner.

Personalized Content
Drive relevant behaviour and results by nudging your visitors in the right direction. Recotap's on-site personalisation works flawlessly on mobile as well as desktop variants of your site.
Personalized Messaging
One-size-fits-all is passé and so is the one-notification-pings-all approach. Personalise your communications by basing them on factors such as location, user interests, and other behaviours.
Customer Segmentation
Your content strategy should be based on your understanding of your customer. Recotap helps you create smart user segments that provide you with the tools and insights to understand your users better.
Personalized Search
Personalize user-search to deliver extremely relevant content.and drastically improve the quality of decisions your customers make on your website.
UX Optimization
Your users are unique and diverse - treat them to a personalized experience by optimizing the UX based on their behaviours and needs.
Personalized Advertising
Cut through the noise and stand out by delivering hyper-personalised ads to your consumers. Give your users a seamless experience on your website or app.

See your engagement metrics grow with Recotap

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Increase in visitors


Increase in click through rate


Increase in time spent

Power of AI & Machine Learning

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Own every aspect of your customer engagement process with our comprehensive set of tools.
Recotap leverages AI to help you create, organize, personalize, and automate your customers' experience.

Easy to start
Our easy-to-integrate SDKs make it easy to get started on any platform. Integrate to multiple data sources and personalize with ease using our GUI.
Easy to experiment
Optimize and tweak your strategies by using the insights obtained via A/B testing and multivariate testing using Recotap's dashboard.
Easy to measure
Track insights in real time to understand even the minutest details regarding each customer's journey.

Recotap is backed by the top accelerators and experts around the world

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