AI Powered ABM platform to close high-value deals

How? Recotap turns your Go To Market motion into executable workflow like steps with AI & automates your Account Based Marketing & Go To Market Strategy

GTM Workflow Builder
ABM, but better

Need to close high value accounts? Outdated GTM tactics just don’t work

Casting a wider net only results in more unqualified leads

Stop media waste & move beyond the spray and pray approach

Here's how you can fix this
Solution Hub

The 3 key pieces you'll need to run a GTM program that works

B2B Account Data, Account Engagement & Account Insights are the 3 core pillars of your account focussed GTM program.
Our Data Hub, Engagement Hub & Insights Hub ensure that your GTM efforts are always on-point.

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Data Hub

Account level, Contact level, Technographics or Intent data. You'll find it all here

Insights Hub

Let our AI crunch data from ads, emails, CRM, website visits & more to provide the right insights

Data Hub

250M B2B data points, now on Recotap

Whether it's account level, contact level or any other B2B data you need, we've got you covered

250M+ Business Contacts

Find target contacts for sales outreach or marketing efforts

Contacts Converage

More about Contact Intelligence

Know Who's in Market

Intent data from Bombora, the leading 3rd party intent data provider in the world

Know who's in market now
Setup ICP & find more accounts
Setup time of less than 5 minutes
More about Intent Data

Technographics Data

Find Companies by Software Usage, Application Usage & Cloud Services

Find who's using your competitor
Segment accounts by tech usage
Run targeted ABM campaigns
More about Technographics Data
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Engagement Hub

Engage your target accounts across multiple channels with personalized content

Multichannel Account Reach

Reach your accounts across social, email & display channels

Build Your Own GTM Workflow

Build your own GTM workflows for each specific need

Automatic Personalization

Automatically personalize your ads, landing pages & display ads for every account

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Insights Hub

360 degree view of your GTM motion - made better by AI

Account Insights

Account Level Data & Insights made available on a simple dashboard

Campaign Insights

Not just campaign numbers. Find the why behind these numbers

Website Visitor Dashboard

De-anonymize website visitors' account information with Recotap

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The reach is amazing. We reached more than 90% of TAL reached via Recotap

Netcore Cloud

Recotap has some of the deepest customization features I've ever seen in a platform. In addition to these abilities, their team is also incredibly responsive and helpful.

Jacob F

Recotap personalizes content, messaging & the entire funnel

Alex Gailin
Ruum by SAP

Great platform to start the ABM journey, with excellent customer support

Alberto C
Agilyx Group

Recotap helps us personalize campaigns and helps focus on the right target audience leading to higher conversions with AI

Shilpi M
Aspire Systems

Recotap has been simple, effective & a versatile platform for our needs

Siddanth P
B2B Marketer

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