Who we are

Your ROI is our KPI

Our founding team has decades of GTM, B2B marketing & sales, software development experience.

For the past 5 years, we've worked with both start-ups & enterprises and our product keeps getting better rapidly.

We're here to transform B2B marketing with a personal touch

We've brought together the unstoppable trifecta of

- Data, analytics
- Artificial intelligence
- Personalization

The mix of these 3 creates a AI intelligent ABM platform

This bad boy is purpose-built for B2B marketers & sales teams who want to rake in more revenue & get better ROI from their budgets.

With Recotap, you'll be able to execute targeted account-based marketing campaigns that make your competitors green with envy.

Our AI technology will programmatically identify, engage, and convert your target accounts.

You'll end up saying "cha-ching! a lot more now"