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B2B data made simple

B2B Contacts & Accounts

60M+ companies & 250M B2B contacts data

Buying Intent Data

Know who's in market now in less than 2 clicks

Technographics Data

Find companies by software they currently use

Website Visitor Identification

Find who's visiting your website even if they don't fill a form

B2B Contact Data

Extensive B2B contacts coverage (250M contacts)

While you surely don't need 250M contacts, the contact info of folks at the accounts you care about is just a few clicks away.

We offer 95% accuracy or you get your credits back

Search by location
Search by role
Search by seniority
C-level contacts
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Intent Data

Know who's in market with intent data

Pitch before they fill your form

3rd party intent data with our partner Bombora will help your company automatically identify which company is actively searching for the solution you provide

Search trends
Trusted data (Bombora)
Strength of search
Global coverage
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Technographics Data

Technographics data of 20M websites

Find companies by software usage, application usage & cloud services with our techno-graphics database of 20M websites that's actively updated

Search by location
Search by role
Search by seniority
C-level contacts
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Website Visitor Deanonymization

Know who's visiting your website

Even when there's no form fill

Identify which companies are visiting your website even when they don't fill a form.

Know which companies are actively interested in your service without burning your ad $$

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of B2B data do you provide?

You'll need companies, emails, phone numbers, intent data & techographics data to win. You will find all of it on one screen in Recotap

How accurate is the data?

We'd say 95% accurate. We'll only charge you for the right data

Which industries does your data cover?

Out data covers most industries. If you're a technology company, you'l find your target audience with us quickly

How does AI help me?

We use AI to match & verify contact information of every person.

Here's what your peers think

The reach is amazing. We reached more than 90% of TAL reached via Recotap

Netcore Cloud

Recotap has some of the deepest customization features I've ever seen in a platform. In addition to these abilities, their team is also incredibly responsive and helpful.

Jacob F

Recotap personalizes content, messaging & the entire funnel

Alex Gailin
Ruum by SAP

Great platform to start the ABM journey, with excellent customer support

Alberto C
Agilyx Group

Recotap helps us personalize campaigns and helps focus on the right target audience leading to higher conversions with AI

Shilpi M
Aspire Systems

Recotap has been simple, effective & a versatile platform for our needs

Siddanth P
B2B Marketer

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