Account Based Analytics Software

Track how your target accounts are moving

Track your progress in real-time, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing campaigns.

Recotap ABM Platform

Measure what truly matters

Score Accounts in Real Time

Understand which accounts are moving based on Recotap  score (based on real time activity)

Integrate with Your CRM

Track all the data from your own system with 2 way data sync (CRM & Recotap both get updated)

Set Custom Alerts

Set alerts so that you know when accounts cross your set threshold score & focus on key accounts

Impact in numbers


Faster payback period


more sales opportunities created


pipeline in the last quarter

Make your data work for you

Identify Winning Ads & Content

Custom Reports based on your needs

Data based AI recommendations

Here's what your peers think

The reach is amazing. We reached more than 90% of TAL reached via Recotap

Netcore Cloud

Recotap has some of the deepest customization features I've ever seen in a platform. In addition to these abilities, their team is also incredibly responsive and helpful.

Jacob F

Recotap personalizes content, messaging & the entire funnel

Alex Gailin
Ruum by SAP

Great platform to start the ABM journey, with excellent customer support

Alberto C
Agilyx Group

Recotap helps us personalize campaigns and helps focus on the right target audience leading to higher conversions with AI

Shilpi M
Aspire Systems

Recotap has been simple, effective & a versatile platform for our needs

Siddanth P
B2B Marketer

Fast growing GTM teams are adding new pipeline with Recotap

Take your first step towards better GTM & ABM plays