Recotap’s ABM Consulting Services

Realize your marketing’s full strategic potential with the expertise & support you need.
We help you create a repeatable ABM motion. 
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Navigate the challenges of ABM

ABM feels hard. It feels even harder if you’re implementing it for the first time.

Leveraging our ABM implementation expertise, our ABM consultants make the journey smoother. 

We'll help you set up the process, generate buy-in, and track progress for a successful implementation.

Accelerate time to value & maximize your impact

Marketing teams, now more than ever, need to show ROI quickly.

Our ABM consulting approach gives you the tools to align marketing & sales teams, track ROI, and accelerate growth.

Whether you're launching an ABM campaign to generate new pipeline or to accelerate pipeline, our ABM program implementation is designed to deliver swift, measurable impact. 

Building a solid foundation for long-term success

Your success lies in the strength of your foundation.

With our ABM consulting & coaching, we ensure your team not only understands the core principles & tenets of ABM but also is equipped to use them as a fundamental tool for strategy execution. 

From initial training to ongoing coaching, we build capability and capacity in your team for enduring success.

Recotap’s ABM Consulting Services

We understand the challenges of today's marketing landscape.

Juggling day-to-day operations along with creating strategy can often feel overwhelming. This is where we step in.

We provide a comprehensive suite of ABM consulting services to help you confidently embrace the future.

Content Audit

ABM Program Design

Engagement Strategy

Initial Pilot Rollout

Setting KPIs

Impact in numbers


Faster payback period


more sales opportunities created


pipeline in the last quarter

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The reach is amazing. We reached more than 90% of TAL reached via Recotap

Netcore Cloud

Recotap has some of the deepest customization features I've ever seen in a platform. In addition to these abilities, their team is also incredibly responsive and helpful.

Jacob F

Recotap personalizes content, messaging & the entire funnel

Alex Gailin
Ruum by SAP

Great platform to start the ABM journey, with excellent customer support

Alberto C
Agilyx Group

Recotap helps us personalize campaigns and helps focus on the right target audience leading to higher conversions with AI

Shilpi M
Aspire Systems

Recotap has been simple, effective & a versatile platform for our needs

Siddanth P
B2B Marketer

Companies have generated millions of $ in targeted pipeline with us

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