ABM Software for Sales Leaders

Tracking pipeline velocity, potential blockers, fast moving deals & great co-ordination with your marketing team - all possible with Recotap

Pipeline Acceleration
Align Marketing
Why Recotap?

Need to move deals faster in the pipeline?

Account Prioritization

We track various signals & crunch it with AI to identify the accounts you should prioritize (to close faster)

Measure ROI

Efforts vs Benefits. Get a clear ROI analysis of each & every part of your ABM efforts

Intent Data

Find "in market" accounts with the largest intent data provider in the world with our partner Bombora

Sales-Marketing Alignment

Align marketing teams' goals with yours & focus only on key metrics that matter - revenue

Get Alerted at the Right Time

Get alerts from key accounts when they take an important action - you can define this

AI-powered pipeline forecasting

Based on history, your actions & the market, our AI will help you forecast the pipeline you could generate

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