Netcore Case Study

Problem Statement

The Netcore Email Segment team was seeking a platform that could help them have meaningful conversations with bestfit accounts. The goal was to measure the ICP's interests in the APAC and MEA regions through a focused campaign and messaging.

They were attempting to sway accounts in BoFu

Solution Approach

The team limited down the accounts that showed the highest interest to 129 in the APAC and MEA regions. Recotap was able to establish contact with key decision makers at the appropriate point in the sales cycle.

To engage with the appropriate ICP, the Netcore Email segment team leveraged contact level data.

Recotap was a critical component of our ABM strategy for attracting and closing accounts. The high match rate allowed us to close more accounts than anticipated.


  • Social media ads
  • Programatic display ads
  • Website personalisation
  • Images/Videos
  • Webinars
  • Blog Articles


In 1 quarter, Sales and ABM team's collaboration, using Recotap's contact level targeting helped to influence $30K MRR and generate $15K in new Revenue from ABM accounts.