Aspire Systems Case Study

Problem Statement

Aspire was looking for a simple but effective ABM platform, as a replacement for an over-invested tool that was not yielding expected returns.

A steep learning curve requirements and lack of guidance meant their teams were not using the incumbent tool and resorting to a spray and pray approach in their marketing efforts. Aspire wanted to quickly course correct and fix their playbooks.

Solution Approach

Aspire piloted with Recotap for one of their departments and based on the positive outcome, they expanded to the entire marketing organization.

Recotap helps Aspire to execute their programmatic ABM campaigns, targeting over 9K Accounts, and drive engagements to more than 25K contacts. They run demand-gen and as well as pipeline acceleration programs using Recotap.

Recotap team is approachable, shares good insights. (I like the) ability to control the budget and channels.
Customizations are democratic.



  • Social Media Ads
  • Programmatic Display Ads
  • Personalized Landing Pages
  • Integrated Email Campaigns


  • Image
  • Video


Reduction in the average number of days for an account to advance through the funnel, from awareness to sales qualified lead

$240 million in pipeline influence