Aspire MEA Award

Aspire systems was awarded the prestigious ITSMA's MEA Marketing Excellence Award for their ABM campaigns.

The marketing team decided to implement a well-structured, multi-channel Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaign strategy, with a heavy focus on digital channels. The team took an integrated approach, bringing together multiple marketing vehicles such as targeted ad campaigns, webinars, email campaigns, content, and social media marketing. 

The goals of the campaign were to build brand awareness through all possible channels, improve engagement, and then drive demand-generation from those engaged accounts. Once a contact began engaging frequently with Aspire, marketing delivered more One-to-One personalized promotion. 

The team also formulated a well-structured plan on how the leads will be delivered to the inside sales team and then to outside sales. 

The idea was to keep the contacts engaged through all possible channels. 

To execute this ABM campaign, the team built a marketing blueprint that included a flowchart of activities, messaging, and interactions that are relevant, meaningful, and timely. 

To engage specific individuals in a specific account in a meaningful dialogue, the team implemented a full mix of marketing tools and tactics.

The team started with a list of 10,000 contacts in 1,700 accounts across the globe.

The content and messaging were personalized to engage the target audiences on channels where they spend the maximum time. 

The team used the Recotap platform, an AI-driven ABM platform to run the targeted campaigns at scale. 

After the campaign launch, the team analyzed the results

In all, the ABM campaign created $12 million in new pipeline opportunities and this BFS ABM campaign strategy is being adopted across multiple service lines and industry verticals in Aspire.