Nurturing leads & accounts in Account Based Marketing

Get your swivels ready.

Yes , you read that right, in this blog, you’ll learn about nurturing leads from the eyes of a gardener.

1 out of every 10 marketers we spoke with asked for insights on nurturing leads.

So, I decide to write this post. Alright, let’s start digging ⛏️

Just as a skilled gardener tends to each plant, providing the right care, nutrients, and attention, lead nurturing in ABM requires a nurturing & personalized approach to cultivate strong relationships with your target accounts.

Here are some best practices & techniques from gardening that we can implement in ABM

The Gardener's Role: Nurturing Leads in ABM

Imagine you are the gardener. The gardener who is also a great marketer.

Try to see sowing different types of seeds as planning personalized content.

Try to see your account engagement as nourishing your plant and guiding key stakeholders on their journey towards becoming loyal customers.

So now, your goal is to provide the right environment and support to help these leads flourish in the same way you’ll take care of your plant to flourish and bear fruits..

7 Techniques for Cultivating Fruitful Lead Nurturing in ABM

1. Soil Preparation (Account Segmentation):

Just as a gardener prepares the soil to create an optimal environment for growth, in ABM, you must start by segmenting your target accounts.

Use industry, company size, and buying behavior to segment.

This segmentation helps you understand the unique characteristics and pain points of each account, allowing you to prepare the "soil" for effective nurturing.

You can segment your accounts on the basis of Firm Details, Demographics and Target Account Profile. I have screen captures from our platform to make it clear for you.

Nope that's not it. Recotap gives you much more control on your segmentation.

Have a look at some options we have for you:

2. Planting Personalized Seeds (Personalized Content):

Like carefully selecting the right plants for each garden bed, create personalized content that speaks directly to the needs and aspirations of your target accounts.

Plant the seeds of relevant information, such as tailored case studies, personalized emails, industry-specific reports, and interactive content, to capture their attention and nurture their interest.

3. Watering and Nourishing (Multi-Channel Engagement):

Just as plants need regular watering and nourishment, engage with your target accounts consistently across various channels.

Use email marketing, social media, events, webinars, and personalized direct mail to water the relationship and provide valuable information and insights.

Regular interaction keeps the connection alive and ensures your brand remains top-of-mind.

4. Pruning and Shaping (Analyze):

In gardening, pruning helps shape plants and promote healthy growth.

Similarly, in lead nurturing, regularly review and analyze the performance of your campaigns.

Identify areas for improvement, adjust your strategies, and prune away any ineffective tactics.

This continuous refinement ensures your nurturing efforts stay focused and yield better results over time.

Have a look at this graphical representation of the analysis from one of our supervised campaigns:

Are you aware about the different types of ABM like 1-1, 1-few or 1-many?

These are the 3 major types of ABM campaigns based on the number of accounts that are considered.

You may read about them and gain better understanding by reading our another blog which talks about types of ABM exclusively.

Click to read more about the 3 types of ABM here

Well, anyways, you may be doing a  1-1 or 1- Few or 1- Many ABM campaigns, you need to engage in order to gain trust.

Listen to what Christina had to say about this in our ABM Voice podcast:

5. Cross-Pollination between Marketing and Sales:

Just as a garden thrives when different plants benefit from cross-pollination, successful lead nurturing in ABM requires collaboration between marketing and sales teams.

Foster open communication, share insights, and work together to deliver a consistent and seamless customer experience throughout the buyer's journey.

6. Tend to Individual Needs

Each plant in a garden has unique requirements, and similarly, each target account has specific needs.

Some may need more sunlight

Some may need a bit of pruning

Some may need a lot more water

Take the time to understand your prospect's pain points, preferences & challenges.

Tailor your messaging and interactions to provide personalized solutions that resonate with their individual needs.

7. Adapt & Grow

A garden is ever-changing, and so is the world of lead nurturing.

Stay abreast of industry trends, technological advancements, and customer expectations.

Continually adapt your strategies and tactics to meet the evolving needs of your target accounts, ensuring your lead nurturing efforts remain relevant and effective.

Just as a skilled gardener tends to their plants with care and attention, nurturing prospects in the Account-Based Marketing model requires a nurturing and personalized approach.

By leveraging ABM gardening, you can cultivate fruitful connections with your target accounts, guiding them on their journey towards becoming loyal customers.

Remember to prepare the soil, plant personalized seeds, water and nourish the relationship, prune for optimal growth, and collaborate for success.

With these techniques and best practices, you'll see your lead garden flourish within the ABM framework.

Happy growing!

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