5 Content Tools for B2B Content Writers and ABM Marketers

As per Wordstream, 91% of businesses today depend extensively on social media for marketing. This in itself shows how the entire world has evolved in terms of its marketing strategies and goals. These complex modules require more straightforward methodologies that can support B2B marketers and writers to derive campaigns, track results, and bring amends into play at a click of a button.

With most businesses being run by solopreneurs and small teams, automation for sure works as a cherry on the cake to streamline processes and optimize outcomes. The need of the hour is to rely on content tools that add value and purpose to every organization's marketing journey. With this objective in the forefront, here we share six tools that assure a pleasant B2B marketing and writing experience for people in play.

Trello - For Planning, Managing and Tracking

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have your tasks, teammates, and tools together in one place? Trello makes this a reality by empowering your team to manage projects, keep a check on your workflows, and track tasks without your team being in one place.

This tool benefits marketers in a multitude of ways by pushing instant notifications, floating a kanban system that allows task scheduling into smaller components, a mobile friendly interface, timely deadline alerts and an extremely straightforward pricing structure.

With this tool B2B content writers and ABM marketers can organize themselves better, optimize on the time quotient, avoid work duplication, be aware of the task's assembly line, while performing account-based marketing at the tip of their fingers.

SEMrush - For Content Ideation with Keyword Research and Topic Generation

An under one-roof platform, Semrush is a go-to tool for B2B content writers and ABM marketers for SEO, content marketing, social media B2B marketing, PPC, and competitive research. This tool works as a ready ticket for online marketing by making it possible to measure results.

You must know over 10 million marketing professionals have used Semrush so far. Having won 21 international awards as the best SEO software suite, with 30% Fortune 500 companies eyeing this as their favorite marketing tool, you have no reason to look beyond.

Looks like Oleg Shchegolev, CEO and Founder of Semrush is living up to his words where he said, "I am on a mission to revolutionize and conquer the industry".

Google Docs – For Planning and Collaboration

As we move in the direction of collaboration and team unison, Google docs favor B2B writers and B2B marketers by making project collaboration possible by uniting teams spread across different parts of the world.

With Google docs, documents become shareable in real time, edits undone with ease, and amends viewed in a time sensitive order. The onset of 2022 allowed marketers and writers to try countless features made available by Google docs like dropdowns, table templates, email draft, document summary, meeting notes, and checklists to list a few.

Most importantly, after creation of a Google Doc, it can be accessed from any device, changes performed right in the web browser, and functionalities added from Google Chrome extensions.

Grammarly for – For Editing, & Plagiarism Check

You may be the best of writer or marketer; still it is common for you as a human to make vocabulary or grammatical mistakes. Working in your lone business or a small start-up team, you may not have the liberty of receiving editorial support.

This is where Grammarly comes to your rescue by helping you to make your writing crisp, message-driven, and performance oriented. With Grammarly, you can use either its free or pro version.

Right from active and passive voice inconsistencies, spelling errors, grammatical loopholes, tone of the write-up, word usage, to the overall content score, everything is accessible in the free version too. You can use this tool to work around a number of documents.

Canva For Designing & Delivery

The growing need to merge text content with visually appealing graphics has led to the increased popularity of Canva, your free designing partner. From social media graphics, presentations, posters to any form of visual content, GIFs and videos, writers and marketers can tap on the multiple new-age features introduced by this tool.

Even as a non-designer, you can easily sail through Canva’s user-friendly interface. With this tool, you can create professional designs using numerous templates and elements to come up with customized outcomes.

The Bottom Line

These five tools are designed to help content writers and marketers plan, create, edit, and share content without much hassle. The right tools can help you streamline the whole process, save time, and ensure better results. B2B marketers using content marketing strategies need tools like these to get the most engagement with less effort.

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