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Account Based Advertising (ABA)

Account Based Advertising allows companies to win business from the companies you want to work with by increasing awareness. Recotap AI can serve display ads on top quality business websites that your Target buyer group is most likely to visit.

Go for the Clicks that Matter the Most

Using the visitors' firmographic, Intent and Interest signals, Recotap serves highly targeted advertising to Account contacts, leading to a higher CTR and therefore lower CPC. Save precious marketing dollars with ABA and ultimately improve your Marketing ROI.

Go for the Clicks that Matter the Most

Ad Personalisation at scale

Automatically serve highly personalised ads to fine-grained Target Accounts & Prospects based on various criteria including engagement data, Intent data, CRM data and other attributes. Use it alongside Recotap's Engage module to personalise landing pages dynamically.

Personalisation at Scale


Deliver advertising assets to audiences in specific accounts with custom messaging. Master Ad creatives, Campaigns and use it to launch in all dimensions and all formats - Video, Banner - static and rich media, Native.

Advertising Content

Brand Safety

Building brand safety into online advertising processes is a must. Recotap ensures ads appear only on reputed business publications, assuring brand safety for advertisers. The result: a reduced risk of ad misplacement and a brand’s reputation intact.

Brand Safety

Why Recotap for ABA?


marketing leads never convert to Sales when not nurtured.


average, marketing-driven “touches” required for a lead to convert into a paying customer.


of marketers believe dynamic content in email is effective.

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