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Recotap’s AI enabled Target solution can help you to Target your contacts through personalised campaigns.
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Recotap Target Solution

Recotaps combines traditional demand generation tactics such as paid ads with outbound strategies to Reach target accounts effectively with display advertising and drive them to the website. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms it helps target the most relevant buyers within your accounts through personalised AD campaigns to enhance conversion rates.

Account Based Advertising

Recotap enables marketers to target buyers in Named Accounts by placing personalized ads on third-party websites and social media, based on their Intent, Interest profiles. By nurturing the best-fit Accounts on an ongoing basis it enhances the conversion rate probability.

Account Based Advertising

Personalised Email Campaigns

Recotap AI enables marketers to trigger 1:1 personalized emails to Buyers and Influencers with the right message at the right moment, based on their behavioural data.

Personalised Email Campaigns

Brand Protection

By having a direct relationship with over 5000 reputed B2B properties on the internet, Recotap AI ensures that your ads appear only on those websites when your target audience is browsing content which is of relevance to your brand.

Brand Protection

Why Recotap?


improvement in click-through rates when emails are Personalised.


marketing leads never convert to Sales when not nurtured.


average, marketing-driven “touches” required for a lead to convert into a paying customer.

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