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Recotap’s AI enabled Identify Solution can help you to find Named Accounts and map it with Key contacts.
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Recotap Identify

Recotap’s AI enabled Identify solution can help programmatically find upselling, cross-selling opportunities in the existing Accounts, Discover new Accounts, map Known and Unknown website Visitors to Target Accounts and also score engagement readiness of Target accounts.

Find Cross-Sell and Upsell Opportunities from Existing Accounts

Recotap's AI-driven integration with CRM and other third-party data sources for Firmographics, Demographic, Social, and Technographics, can programmatically perform Visitor-to-Contact-to-Account matching and Score Named Accounts that starts to show a higher propensity for engagement.

By continuously analysing the Intent, Interest patterns of the Contacts (Buyers & Influencers) and using advanced data analytics, Recotap can predict opportunities within a Targeted Account, that otherwise may go unnoticed.


Score Anonymous Accounts

Recotap’s AI algorithms can monitor website traffic and map anonymous website visitors to existing Accounts and continue to enrich the Contact and Account information. It can assess behavioural and interest patterns of Contacts and predict when they are ready to be converted as Marketing Qualified Account (​MQA​). It can automatically alert Sales, based on certain thresholds, to start engaging with the Buyers.

Score Anonymous Accounts

Generate New Prospect Accounts

Recotap’s predictive modelling techniques interpret website traffic and compare it against own and third-party datasets to identify matching accounts that can qualify as Target Accounts.

It can map anonymous website Visitors to Accounts and build the Contact and Account graph. It can track interest patterns of the contacts and predict when they are ready to be engaged.

Generate New Prospect Accounts

Smart Segmentation

Define segmentation rules that can dynamically grow your lists based on real-time visitor interaction, intent, firmographic data, third party data and launch personalised campaigns using the Target and Engage modules.

Smart Segmentation

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